PHP Certification in d'eXpert

  • 6 month Industrial Training in PHP
    Course Duration :
    6 Month
    Classes time period : 2 hrs(1 hr practical/1hr theory)
    Classes’ schedule : Mon-Friday (Separate Weekend Batches Are Also Available)

What is PHP?

  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side scripting language and hightly used in the world for the purpose of website and web applications development.It is the only language in which we can embed simple html rather then calling a different file for other functions.
  • It has simple and understandable syntax and most popular content management systems (CMS's) like wordpress and joomla which are made in php.
  • It is efficacious mechanism for making, effective, dynamic and interactive Web pages.

Why PHP?

  • A person having a little knowledge about basics of computers and internet like html and javascript(not so much required) can learn php easily.
  • The most powerful part of php is that it is open source means it is totally free to use.
  • In the other hand you need to get a license for all other language to make your application
  • If anyone google for the best server side scripting language then about 91 % of websites says that it is php.

How PHP?

  • The very basic question asked about php is that how can i learn php if i don't have so much knowledge of computer.
  • Well there is a sequence for learning the php language.
  • Most of the trainers do not understand this problem of the candidate and they start the introduction of php to their trainees.
  • And of course the trainees get confused that what is going on????
  • Now what is the solution for it??

The best order for learning php for a beginner is :

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • CMS

Benefits of PHP?

  • Apart from the knowledge purpose php is very fast job creating language or even you can start making your own website using php. The most famous website facebook( you may have an account on facebook) is made in php.
  • If you believe in numbers then facebook worth 50 billion USD and it is much due to php because it is free and everyone can use it as Mark Zukerberg who is the owner of facebook having an age of 28 .
  • If you believe in jobs then in northern India,php is considered as the backbone of all the companies even in the IT hub Bangalore it is well repudiated for the web development.
  • So there are lots of job opportunities for php programmers

Why We?

Now it may be a question that why you should join us (The d'experts)??

First of all we can ensure you that we are not running a training center. You can check our portfolio that how we are working in the web field so far.

Then you will get to know that what we are. So here are the reasons that why you should join our course...

  1. Our company is running hundreds of websites using php.
  2. Our Professionals will trained you and make you an expert.
  3. Totally live projects which you can show everyone you meet using the net connection because it will be made by you.
  4. All the study material will be provided by us. You need not to make separate notes.
  5. The trainees trying to get a job in MNC will be given separate classes for company test preparation.
  6. If someone wants to run his own website or start their business then we will guide him/her.
  7. We have designed different module for the different levels of programmers.
  8. Job assurance for those trainees who have their talent.
  9. A Certificate for those who clear our test which will help you all around your career.
  10. We trains our trainees with the best order of course.
  11. We create a team because we believe in team work.
  12. Weakly tests
  13. Assignment after 15 days
  14. Free Personality development For all courses
  15. Company visit